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Microchipping Courses

  • Secretary of State approved Training providers

Becoming a trained Microchip Implanter is not as hard as you may think and could add another valuable aspect to your current pet related business. If you are a breeder of dogs & are looking to conform with the latest legislation the training offered will be perfect for you.

PeddyMark is pleased to be able to offer training courses that can be organised for groups or individuals at very competitive prices. We can provide qualified trainers who will travel to you; you will receive approximately 4 hours one to one training and we work to your availability, not ours when it comes to training dates, just think how much more confident you will be with one to one training as opposed to attending a course with ten or more other students. We find that people ask many more question and become much happier that they have covered every aspect of micro-chipping. 

With the changes in the Law due from April 2016 many Breeders of dogs are now learning to microchip their puppies so that they may offer their puppies already micro-chipped and comply with the new legislation. That all dogs need to be micro-chipped by 8 weeks old. PeddyMark's training offers a cost effective solution & will help to deliver confidence & peace of mind to people looking to purchase a new dog.

Important information please read:

Due to changes in legislation that took place on 24th Feb 2015 all microchip training carried out must be with an approved supplier, we are pleased to announce that PeddyMark Ltd now has approval: PLEASE ensure, should you obtain other quotes for training, that the company offering the training has been issued an approved status certificate. PeddyMark's is available for download on this page.

PeddyMark prices are always worked out to be highly competitive, this goes for our training as well. However, this does not mean you receive any less when it comes to the instruction. PeddyMark conforms to the code of conduct set out by the MTA (Microchip Trade Association) of which we are members. PeddyMark can also be found on the BSAVA 's  website as one of the companies that conform to the code of practice recognised by them. Prices are worked out depending on your location and PeddyMark does not try to profit from it's training as we believe that the more qualified microchip implanters that are available to the public the fewer animals will be lost, stolen etc.

NB. It is possible to download all the companies that conform to the current code of conduct at the bottom of this page.

Each training course provides you with the following:

  • Training on both the practical procedure and the theory of microchipping.
  • Health and Safety related issues.
  • Registering microchipped animals on the Animal Tracker or PetLog Database and how this positively affects swift reunification of any pet with its owner.
  • Training manual and referral notes.
  • Certificate awarded on completion.
  • PetLog Implanter code issued on completion.
  • Qualified trainer who will remain your point of contact should you need any support following the training.
  • Three of your animals microchipped during the course free of charge.

In addition to our very competitive training price, (which is worked out on an individual basis dependant on your proximity to one of our trainers), we do ask you to purchase one batch of  microchips from us at our extremely competitive rates, which can be found under the PeddyMark Store section of our website. Your order will be brought to you on the day of your training. Contact us to discuss further and let us help you become a Trained Implanter.

We are pleased to confirm we are Secretary of State approved providers for microchipping courses

PeddyMark Ltd is approved by DEFRA & The Secretary of State; to offer microchip implantation training courses to train microchip implanters for the purposes of regulation 9(1)(c) of The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015.



PeddyMark Ltd is approved by The Welsh Assembly; to offer microchip implantation training courses to train microchip implanters for the purposes of regulation 9(1)(c) of The Microchipping of Dogs (Wales) Regulations 2015.

PeddyMark has now Scottish secretary of state Approval as of 18 Feb 2016

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